Washington Redskins logo

Washington Redskins logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently there is a lot of misinformation on the Redskins and their trademark. Six trademarks have been canceled by the Trademark Office. At this time the decision by the trademark office does not mean that anyone else can use their name. However if the initial decision is upheld after appeal it could allow other organizations to use the Redskins trademark name. Of course the Washington Redskins would file a lawsuit against any organization that tries to use it’s trademark name. If the courts make the decision to uphold the ruling to release the trademark the Washington Redskins will definitely file an appeal.

The decision by the Trademark Office will probably not have any impact on other sports teams that incorporate the word Indian in their name. The decision on the name Redskins is based upon interpreting the name of the team as a racial slur. Other teams like the Chiefs, Indians and Seminoles will probably not face the same decision by the Trademark Office.

Federal registration of trademark names is required to protect the trademark names of various sports teams. The trademark office cannot prevent another team or organization from using the Redskins trademark name. The decision by the Trademark Office does not prevent the team from suing anyone that uses their name. Many organization will be upset if they are sued for using the Redskins trademark name. After all if the trademark was canceled anyone should be able to use that trademark. It will most likely be up to a judge to make a decision on this legal issue.

The decision by the trademark office does not keep the Washington Redskins from using the word Redskins. However the decision does insure it will be a long legal battle.