KobeBryantKobe Bryant recently tweeted that he will not play for “him”, which based on information in the news seems to be about Donald Sterling. Conversely, ten (10) years ago, Kobe, as a free agent, had shared that he could see himself playing with the Clippers.

This does not make Kobe a hypocrite because he never signed with the Clippers. It is believed that the issue may have been Sterling as the owner of the team. Kobe may have possibly gained more knowledge about Sterling since that time, although allegations of Sterling’s racism have been around for a while.

Kobe may be saying this now but he may have acted otherwise if the situation was different. This issue is not an easy one and people have to determine if they can work with someone who has different views from theirs.

The Lakers have signed Kobe to a hefty contract and the probability of him being traded to the other Los Angeles team is highly unlikely. Therefore, Kobe is in a good place. His future was a bit uncertain at the time he was a free agent. Therefore, playing with Sterling may not have seemed so bad if there were other benefits.

While Sterling’s earlier comments about race may have been misconstrued, I am sure that Kobe definitely does not uphold these recent alleged comments. I am confident that he would not want to play with Sterling especially since there are no added benefits to doing that.

However, he might be able to get several advantages in joining the Clippers including a better package, high chance of winning and a better location. So should he hold himself back professionally because of Sterling? It surely is not a good thing for Kobe.

Today, LeBron James spoke openly against Sterling; but he considered the Clippers as an option as a free agent. Doc Rivers, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and others are not with the Clippers for similar reasons. These athletes should opt to enhance themselves in this highly competitive sport that has few opportunities.

Presently, Kobe may say that he will not play with Sterling, although ten (10) years ago it may have been one of his options.