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English: LeBron James playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After winning consecutive championships, LeBron James is truly the king of the NBA. His popularity has never been higher and his memorabilia is highly coveted. Perhaps nothing of the king’s can match the demand of the LeBron James Chrome RC.

LeBron James rookie cards are a dime a dozen but some are far more valuable than others. However the Chrome rookie cards tend to garner higher bids at auctions. There are 2 different brands of these cards named after shiny metal that bring the big bucks and both are highly coveted among collectors.

The Bowman Chrome LeBron James rookie card has sold for as low as $60 but if you’re looking for an investment, you’ll want to buy something in pristine condition. Fortunately the Bowman Chrome card is available online in pristine condition but the price tag can be over $700. EBay and Amazon have The LeBron James Chrome RC for sale so simply log onto one of these websites and browse their selections.

The other LeBron James Chrome Rookie Card is made by Topps. Both online, retail giants carry this card and you can have it delivered to your door. Be careful who you buy from online and check the customer reviews of anyone you order from. Cards can be classified in a number of different categories but you’ll want a card in at least mint condition if you plan on accumulating any equity with it.

You can also do an online search for local hobby and comic book shops and many of them will carry both the Topps and Bowman LeBron James Chrome Rookie cards.