Michael Jordan 2008-09 Upper Deck SQ20 Starquest GOLD

English: Former basketball player Michael Jordan

English: Former basketball player Michael Jordan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Basketball cards became popular in the 90s but for Michael Jordan fans, it’s still a great idea to buy these basketball cards. The sq-20 starquest gold, an ultra rare card, is a collector’s dream. Michael Jordan, a former basketball player emerged as a league star in 1984 upon joining the Chicago Bulls. He quickly rose to fame and today, even the younger generation still know who Michael Jordan is. In his biography in the NBA, he is deemed as the greatest professional basketball player who ever lived making the Brooklyn-born athlete one of the most celebrated men in the history of basketball.

His Airness was voted as an All-Star starter when he entered the NBA and magazines like Sports Illustrated, at the time, wrote that a star is born. They were right of course and Michael Jordan enjoyed a long, and very successful career in basketball.

By the time basketball cards entered the market, basketball fans and Jordan fans from the US and other parts of the world just needed to get a hold of cards that had the basketball star on it. The sq-20 starquest gold is one of the rarest cards one can find of MJ. Any Jordan fan will love to have this and it’s one of those cards that you can truly keep for a very long time because at one point, it will cost more than the amount you bought it for.