Today’s tennis bags for women are perfectly designed for busy mothers like myself. I can fit my tennis racquet along with my cell phone, water bottle and snacks for my children. No longer is it necessary for us women to carry a tennis bag in addition to our every-day handbag. The more spacious bags allow me to comfortably store my family’s athletic gear and conveniently, I slide the bags in the back of my SUV. Because of the security of the bags, I have a peace of mind that my smaller, personal items will not easily slip out and vanish. I especially admire the Prince Rebel 12-pack tennis bags for women. It is ideal for families. I call it the “one-size-fits-all” bag. Since I usually do not carry 6-8 tennis racquets, I use the extra space for my girls’ gymnastics uniforms, shoes and sometimes their flutes, if we are going to music class. The large shoe storage pocket is another feature that I like because I am a neat-freak who wants to separate clean from dirty. But the Rebel 12 bag is ideal for the serious, competitive tennis player who needs to carry multiple racquets and ideal for the family who enjoys tennis together on the weekend.

The Babolat tennis bags for women can be substituted as miniature luggage for a weekend get-away. At times, I have seen a few women at the local gym use that bag for packing gym essentials. I especially like the Babolat bags because when my daughters spend a few days in their cousin’s home, I easily pack all of their necessities. But the most attractive or eye-pleasing tennis bag is made by Cortiglia. With its fine Italian leather, it is a high-end tennis bag that appeals to women everywhere so tennis bags are not limited to practical and basic. Cortiglia’s elegant and sleek look has given tennis bags a rather sophisticated appearance. Its tennis tote bag is ideal for travel and business stays.

But handbags in general have evolved and become multifunctional, even utilized to help the needy.  In this present culture of self-indulgence, it is refreshing to see non-profit organizations working hand in hand with famous athletes and celebrities.  The famous Kardashian family has designed some stylish bags. The non-profit organization, Bag to Save a Life is supported by Erin O’Conner. This charity uses handbags as a means to collect cash to support underprivileged children living in east Africa. With so many people suffering economically, one has to wonder why more philanthropic acts are not pursued by the rich and famous. Because they are influential on society, especially the youth, the upper-class can organize and establish non-profits and noteworthy charitable organizations.

For many women, tennis bags are aesthetically pleasing and serve the purpose of storage needs. Some designer tennis bags for women aim to please the fashion-minded athlete while making a bold statement both on and off the court.

Celia Taghdiri is a freelance writer with numerous publishings. With an education background in English/Journalism, her articles have been featured in the San Diego Union Tribune and various magazines. As a tennis writer, she emphasizes the sport’s multiculturalism and international recognition.