Tennis is a game that requires a huge amount of running, jumping, fast footwork and lateral movements that can be grueling on the feet. Those of us serious tennis players and “weekend warriors” sometimes sacrifice our feet in the name of the game but there is one thing we can do that can drastically reduce our risk of injury; having the right tennis specific shoes. Babolat tennis shoes, for one, are designed specifically for the tennis competitor.

The Babolat Company has been creating products on the forefront of technology since 1875 when they created the first racquet strings made out of natural gut. Since then, the company has been building racquets and other equipment enhanced with technology. It wasn`t until 2003, however, that the brand launched their first tennis shoe with help from an unlikely partner; Michelin.

Many know Michelin as a tire brand but in reality they are a ground contact specialist company. The Babolat Propulse 3 tennis shoe is made with a Michelin OCS (Optimized Cell System) which offers optimal traction due to the cellular micro cell pattern giving 30% more surface contact.

Recently, Babolat introduced the SFX line of tennis shoes. SFX stands for Super Fit eXperience. The name perfectly represents the shoe in that it was created with the intent of providing a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Babolat has placed the SFX in the “fluidity” category and according to the company website, the SFX is “a high performance shoe designed to follow the foot`s movement on the court for more fluid and effortless footwork.”

The SFX Babolat tennis shoes have a large toe box in order to let the foot move around freely or “fluidly” along with a functional collar shape and inner dampener making for unmatched toe protection.

The upper of the shoe is equipped with the S-Shield for maximum durability, comfort and breathability. The tongue is stitchless allowing for more flex in the forefoot.

Babolat`s Ergo-Motion technology is used throughout the shoe in both the midsole and outsole. Ergo-Motion works to adapt to a player`s foot giving it the perfect fit with exceptional cushioning and stability, hence the name, “Super Fit eXperience.”

The SFX Babolot tennis shoes offer superior durability thanks to the Michelin rubber. Michelin has made their presence known in the automotive world by providing drivers with some of the finest tires on the market.

Michelin`s expertise in “ground contact” gives the Babolat SFX tennis shoes a leg up on the competition because these shoes are made to last. Babolat puts so much faith in the Michelin rubber sole that although you don`t need it, they offer a six month warranty for added peace of mind.

Experts at Babolat have been creating products that aim to enhance the tennis experience for generations and although they have not been producing tennis shoes for as long as they have been manufacturing string, their sneakers have given competitors a “run for their money.”

The Babolat SFX tennis shoes have been built to almost mold to each player`s individual foot characteristics making them perfect for all types of players; after all, no person`s feet are identical to someone else`s. Babolat tennis shoes, although relatively new to the game of tennis, have set themselves apart from their competitors by offering superior comfort, durability and stability that every tennis player requires. Players no longer have to sacrifice their feet in the name of game thanks to Babolat tennis shoes!

Courtney Sloan is a college student studying mass media and freelance writer who is interested in tennis, tennis news, highlights, fashion, products and much more.