The Algarve lies on the very south coast of Portugal and is a hugely popular destination for tourists (one of the most popular in Europe in fact) who flock to the area during the summer months of the year for the sun, blue sea and breathtaking scenery as well as the many different beach-side resorts.  Some 10 million tourists visit the Algarve each year for a number of different reasons – whether for the history, the sun and sand or the many other activities that exist in the region.

One of the more popular reasons for visiting the Algarve are the golf courses.  Considered to be some of the best in Europe they are certainly the reason I come to the Algarve year after year.  If you’re a casual or beginning golfer, I’d highly recommend the Algarve because it has some great courses for you to play on.  Let’s have a look at the top five golf courses for beginners in the Algarve.

Putting in Parque da Floresta

One of my favourites and situated in the extreme west of the Algarve is the Parque da Floresta.  It’s an 18 hole course with a par 72 with holes that stretch well over 5500m in total length making it a great day out with a four ball.  The best things about Parque da Floresta are the views on offer.  The immaculate fairways roll through hills giving you stunning views of both the surrounding areas and the seaside.  Look out for the 15th hole – it’s a par 3 that will epitomise everything you’ve always been looking for in a hole.

Pine Cliffs Chipping

Closer to the capital city of Lisbon and more centrally located in the Algarve you’ll find the magnificent Pine Cliffs.  It’s only a 9 hole course but a more picturesque setting you’ll probably never find.  Set atop cliffs and amongst high pine trees, I always struggle to stay focused on the game while on this short par 33 course – the views and surrounds are simply breathtaking.  The 9th hole is especially incredible – it presents itself over a deep ravine with views of the local beach.  If you’re looking for good beginner’s golf and incredible scenery, this charming little course is a must play.

Hooked on Oceanico Millenium

The par 72 Oceanico Millenium is always on my list of courses to visit.  It is one of my favourites because it is a relaxed and enjoyable course with only one or two tricky spots which will likely see beginners lose a few stray balls into the lake on the sixth hole par 3.  The course is long if you’re playing from the white tee at over 6km of fairway but you won’t want to miss a second of it because you can lose yourself on the Oceanico Millenium course.

Special Espiche Golf

Situated in Lagos in the Algarve region, Espiche Golf is a new course that opened at the start of this year.  It was designed to be an 18 hole course that blends itself into its surroundings by using the natural occurrence of lakes and streams as well as a large range of local flora.  I wasted no time in heading out to play the course and was not disappointed.

Your Round at Monte Rei

Perhaps bordering on the top end of a beginner’s skill level, Monte Rei was designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus and after just the first few holes you’ll realise why his courses are world famous.  Located in the Eastern Algarve and set in over 1000 acres of stunning countryside, golfers of all skill level will enjoy the Mote Rei 18 hole course.

If you are thinking about taking a golfing holiday in the Algarve you might want to stay in one of the many Vale do Lobo villas for the duration of your stay.  Ideally situated next to many beginner courses they are the ideal place to relax after a long day of golf.