Golf at Grand Royale last saturdayPlaying sports is a great way of keeping fit, flexible and healthy; many people find it all too easy to curl up in front of the TV every night after a day at work, and this can become a monotonous routine that anyone could fall into. Ensuring you enjoy plenty of time outdoors whether you are enjoying sports or not, comes with physical and mental health benefits and you can certainly maximise both of these by regularly taking part in outdoor sports and activities. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at a few outdoor sports which can improve your mental health and mood as well as provide exercise for you.


Taking up golf can be a great way of relaxing and unwinding in your spare time as well as getting a gradual workout whilst you play. It’s fair to say that golf does include a large amount of walking, so it’s no secret which kind of exercise you’ll benefit from whilst playing! Be sure to get lots of practice before heading out to purchase golf bags and clubs; many people make the mistake of jumping in head first and buying their own sets before they really need to. Remember, you can always choose to rent golf club sets from your local club (for use within the club) so take full advantage of this until you feel the need to own your own set.

Five a Side Soccer

Five a side soccer can be great fun and offers a more vigorous cardiovascular workout; but contains the game within a smaller pitch meaning you can enjoy it as more of a recreational sport. Five a side is fantastic to play with friends and you can make a regular booking at your local fitness centre, most of which have an outdoor caged pitch, specifically for five a side games. Who knows, if you and your friends enjoy it enough, you could create and buy your own kits!


Tennis another outdoors sport that offers a great cardiovascular workout, but requires far less people than five a side football. Tennis also reaches more muscle groups than a general game of soccer would, as it makes ample use of the player’s arms and back muscles as well as the legs. Be sure to find a regular partner who is at roughly the same skill level as yourself, this ensures you can get a good rally started and really make the most of the opportunity to exercise!

Remember, spending time enjoying the sun can be a great way to relax and enjoy the day; combining this with exercise on a regular basis will likely improve your mood, physical fitness and overall happiness in yourself.


Written by Daniel Travis – Brown for Golf 247; for more articles follow Daniel on Twitter @DanTravisBrown