There’s something so incredibly powerful about sport in Europe.  It seems to be a language every human being can speak and getting behind your national team and seeing them win a sporting event fills you with pride and patriotism.  Being at the game, however, is a completely different experience.  To feel the energy and the passion of those around you and the adrenaline as the game gets underway is something you truly have to feel for yourself.  Portugal is a proud sporting nation and there are plenty of sporting events throughout the year you can attend.  Each will leave you as breathless as the next.

Lisbon Football Stadium

Football is by far and away the most popular sport in Portugal and it shouldn’t come as any surprise with some of the world’s best players coming from the country including the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Simao Sabrosa and Nani.  The Portuguese football team is ranked third in the world by FIFA and they often stage friendlies at the Lisbon Football Stadium.  The national league, the Portuguese Liga is worth catching a game from too where the local club Sport Lisbona e Benifica faces some of the best local teams in the country.

Autodromo Fernanda Pires da Silva

Although Portugal no longer hosts a Formula 1 race, there is still plenty of action at the main Portuguese racetrack near Lisbon like the A1 Grand Prix and World Motorcycling Championship.  It’s off the racetrack however, where Portuguese motorsport really shines.  One of the most exciting and well known rally races in the world is the Rally of Portugal which was recently re-added to the World Rally Championship schedule after 4 years of not being on the circuit.  Some of the best rally drivers and cars from around the world race in March/April each year.  It is definitely worth watching if you have yet to see a rally race up close.

Portuguese Open

The Portuguese Open is a golf competition held annually as part of the European Tour that is held in the region of Algarve.  It occurs in June each year and attracts some of the biggest names in golf despite having a relatively small prize purse.  While golf is arguably not much of an adrenaline filled spectator sport, it is enormously popular throughout the world and Portugal is no exception.

Portuguese Rink Hockey

While not very popular overseas, rink hockey is somewhat of a phenomenon in Portugal with the national team having won 15 world titles and even more European championships.  There is a local league in Portugal too and the sport offers an incredibly exciting experience for spectators as it is very fast paced.  Try and catch a game between Porto and Benfica if you can.

Portuguese Futsal

Like its bigger cousin football, futsal in Portugal enjoys a large following.  The sport is very similar to the regular game of football but it is played indoors and with smaller teams and within a smaller area.  It is another sport that can be very entertaining for spectators and the local and national leagues are almost always playing so games are readily available.

It is evident that while Portugal may not play some of the bigger more popular sports in the world to a professional level, they are still a proud and successful sporting nation.  Watching any of these sports in Portugal is sure to leave you wanting more.

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