When playing any type of sport, a clear and broad vision is imperative. Golfers, cyclists and skiers are just a few of the individuals who must see everything in their surrounding areas without glare or interference from light.

Glasses are available which can provide the user with both UV protection and no glare which is necessary for that important all-round viewing. We all know the sun can cause serious and permanent eye damage, and millions of people across the world don a pair of sunglasses as soon as the sun comes out but how are sunglasses specially designed for sport superior to normal sunglasses?


The first note to mention is that sunglasses for sport have special safety requirements that must be met. These include shatterproof lenses, so as not to cause injury, and a strap or fixing that keep the glasses in place. Sunglasses for sport also have a nose cushion for comfort and safety. Eyes need to be protected and a shattered lens as a result of any type of sport could cause major problems.

Polarised lenses
Skiers and fishermen often wear polarised lenses, meaning glare is reduced. Polarisation means that water and surfaces appear clearer, so for skiers the sun reflecting off of the snow is reduced. For fishermen water appears more transparent and they can see through the water and the fish underneath for the perfect catch!

The difference between polarised lenses and normal sunglasses is that the latter decreases the intensity of everything in the user’s view, whereas polarised lenses can eliminate the reflection on water from light coming from above it. Polarised glasses rather cleverly let vertical not horizontal light through to your eye, so when fishing a fisherman will not get any glare on the surface of the water as the sun shines above it.


However, some cyclists and skiers shy away from polarised glasses. If a cyclist is wearing polarised lenses they may completely miss a small amount of water which could cause problems when cycling through it. Although they would see larger puddles, a small sheet of water will be filtered out by the polarised glasses. The same goes for skiers, where a sheet of black ice would usually be visible, the polarised glasses would filter out the glare and the ice could be missed.

Polarised glasses are great for getting rid of unwanted glare for sportsmen and women. In many outside sports, glare can be a real problem and interfere with play, but polarised glasses offer a remedy.

Amy writes for Direct Sight, a leading online provider of both prescription and non prescription glasses and sunglasses including polarised lenses.