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The Prince T22 tennis shoes have hit the 2012 athletic footwear market with a bang. Internationally renowned for producing state-of-the-art footwear for men, women and juniors, the company takes pride in its designs and economical prices.  According to the official website for Prince Sports, the T22 tennis shoe was the top selling shoe at tennis shops in the United States in 2010.

Prince tennis shoes have some well-known technological innovations, including the patented Goodyear rubber on the sole and Abzord SBS technology to reduce shock. The women’s and men’s Prince T22 tennis shoe is yet an additional superb design from the maker’s amazing shoe collection. The line’s attractive color-scheme and light weight make these athletic shoes suitable for not just tennis players but other athletes who rely on their footwear for performance support. The T22 is the younger brother to the classic T10 tennis shoes line. It has all of the bells and whistles of its predecessor along with improved ventilation and cushion.

These shoes are light with a glove-like fit. With simple synthetic material used for the upper part and air-mesh quarter, the T22 line allows the feet to breathe with the enhanced ventilation. This line also benefits players who play on different types of surfaces and want good traction. The TPU forefoot straps help stabilize the feet. The RASH toe cap helps protect against toe dragging and abrasion. The Prince T22 line feels more “cushiony” while the heel does not feel as much impact from the ShockEraser midsole. The shock factor is also lessened by the PU forefoot insert. The feet also get more lateral and medial stability from the injected “wYshbone” TPU shank.

The various color-combinations used for the Prince T22 shoes are aesthetically pleasing. The color schemes please both feminine and masculine styles because the bright colors such as red and orange are mixed with the dominant white. Traditional darker colors like black and navy next to the white aim to please some more conservative players.  The T22 was designed to help players increase their speed and maneuverability on the court while lessening fatigue and reducing the possibility for injuries.

Prince also designs quality shoes for younger players which should spike in sales since much effort is being made to motivate more children to play tennis. Beginning January 1, 2012, new rules have taken effect, requiring 10 and Under Tennis tournaments to let juniors play with smaller racquets on smaller courts. Such changes were adopted by the USTA to encourage kids to pick up a racquet and receive tennis instruction. This will not only widen the pool for future American champions but help combat the country’s childhood obesity dilemma.

“We want tennis to be fun and accessible to kids as they enter the game,” said USTA Chairman of the Board, Jon Vegosen. “Similar to other sports such as baseball, basketball and soccer, kids will now learn and compete on the right-sized court with the right-sized equipment, which will help us grow the game.”

Since Prince Sports also designs state-of-the-art tennis shoes for juniors, the company is well prepared for the rule changes affecting younger tennis players.


The Prince T22 along with other well-designed athletic shoes will assist any-level player.


Celia Taghdiri is a freelance journalist who has had articles published by the Union Tribune and other notable publications. Her recent endeavor has taken her into the wide world of tennis blogging and she has made it her purpose to find notable philanthropic efforts made by the professionals of the sport.

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