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Essential MMA Gear

In any kind of sport, you must be prepared for injury. It is especially true of Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, where you are employing hand to hand combat with your opponent. Whether you are just starting out or have been practicing MMA for a while, you need protective MMA gear for some of the most vulnerable areas of your body.

Head gear

When in training mode, many MMA fighters opt to use head gear. It protects the head from serious injury and are usually priced for about £45. It is a reasonable price to keep your ‘head straight’.

Groin guard

Every man understands how sensitive this area is and great lengths should be taken to guard it. The groin guard is useful for any type of sport, but especially in MMA, where kicking is allowed. There is no telling where the kick may land and it is in your best interest to be completely prepared. The average ones range from £20-£60, a price any man will pay to protect.

Mouth guard

The mouth guard does a couple of things. The first is that it protects your teeth from being knocked out. The other is that it keeps your teeth from cutting into the other parts of your mouth should you get hit there.

Shin guard

It is imperative that you use this MMA gear. Thousands of shins are fractured or broken each year from lack of protective coverings when participating in a sport. They are very inexpensive, costing no more than £15 for a good pair.

Gloves and knuckle guards

Due to the primary use of fists in MMA fights, participants are required to use some form of protective gear for their hands. Some may choose to wrap them up in gauze, but most prefer to use knuckle guards or gloves. If you were to take a swing at another person with your bare fist, you will risk the bones in your hand smashing together. The damage can sometimes be beyond repair. The only way to prevent this from occurring is by alleviating the blow to your hand and to do that, the right gloves are needed. They are not a one-size-fits-all. You must try on a few to make sure the size is correct or risk hurting your hands. They price ranges depending on the brand and quality. You can even get them customized, which will cost a bit more.

Even if you are just training or doing it for fun, you must use proper MMA gear to avoid serious injuries.

MMA gear and clothing is an essential part of the sport Mixed Martial Arts for protection, performance and style.