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The 14 Most Shocking NFL Scandals

While the National Football League enjoys unprecedented popularity, the sport has also seen its fair share of scandals. NFL players, coaches, and owners have all done something stupid. The league generally invites even its worst offenders back with open arms, but their legacies remain tarnished by their transgressions.

Sometimes, the punishment is delivered by the NFL itself. Examples include the fine New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick paid after the Spygate scandal and the suspension of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger when sexual assault allegations were brought against him. Sometimes law enforcement gets involved, such as when Michael Vick was incarcerated for running a dog fighting operation or the famous OJ Simpson trial.

Find our complete list of the 14 most shocking NFL scandals below.
New England Patriots Headsetgate
OJ Simpson Murder Trial
Michael Vick’s Dogfighting Ring
Ben Roethlisberger’s Sexual Relations
New Orleans Saints Bountygate
Minnesota Vikings Love Boat Scandal
Lawrence Taylor’s Sex and Drugs
Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger Scandal
Eugene Robinson at Super Bowl XXXIII
New England Patriots Spygate
Eddie DeBartolo Jr.’s Extortion Scandal
Super Bowl XXXVIII Wardrobe Malfunction
Joe Namath vs. Suzy Kolber
Paul Hornung-Alex Karras Betting Scandal

The Washington Redskins Draft 2015

In the Washington Redskins Draft They Chose #5 Brandon Scherff for Their NFL Pick. Read on for more Washington Redskins Draft 2015 picks.

It was most likely a huge surprise to many people that they passed on Leonard Williams from USC to take Scherff, but anybody watching Jay Gruden‘s style of play last year knows that they needed offensive line help desperately. Scherff is a good mesh of technician and brute force mauler, and is fast for his size. One thing he is – he is tough.


He brings a lot to the table in his position. Scherff was never on the list of the over-hyped linemen from Iowa. He can, however, take up position at either right tackle or left guard, lining up beside Trent Williams. Should anything happen to Williams, now Gruden had a go-to guy who can handle the vacancy.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths – It’s no surprise that Scherff is probably the most fundamentally sound of all the offensive linemen in this class of the draft. He has the size (6’5″, 319 lbs.) and has good range. He is a great second-level blocker who can target defenders out in space. He is an absolute weight room goliath and it shows as he plays. He understands the game and exhibits extreme power and leverage coming off both 2 and 3-point stances.

Scherff can set the edge extremely well and walls defenders out. He has a solid grasp of blocking principles and can transition from his first blocking assignment into the next effortlessly. He keeps his eyes up and stays aware of his surroundings. He keeps himself accountable and was a 4-year member of his school’s leadership group.

Weaknesses – When it comes to lateral movement it is not Scherff’s best asset. He struggles sometimes to keep his leverage while moving outside. As long as he is moving in a straight line he is a terror, but lateral movement leaves him just a little out of sorts. As stated, he hits second-level targets very well, but may need to work a little on maintaining his blocks. He tends to veer off at times allowing tackles to take place.

When he’s in pass protection he likes to face up, using his power rather than finesse to define his approach to the pocket. He is capable of being beaten by quick edge rushers who come at him from either side if he cannot mirror their movement. A good quick outside move can throw him.

In his sophomore season he had his ankle broken and his fibula dislocated. Another drawback is his arm length (33 3/8 inches) for his position. Most NFL analysts see him better suited as a guard.

The Washington Redskins And Their Trademark Name

Washington Redskins logo

Washington Redskins logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently there is a lot of misinformation on the Redskins and their trademark. Six trademarks have been canceled by the Trademark Office. At this time the decision by the trademark office does not mean that anyone else can use their name. However if the initial decision is upheld after appeal it could allow other organizations to use the Redskins trademark name. Of course the Washington Redskins would file a lawsuit against any organization that tries to use it’s trademark name. If the courts make the decision to uphold the ruling to release the trademark the Washington Redskins will definitely file an appeal.

The decision by the Trademark Office will probably not have any impact on other sports teams that incorporate the word Indian in their name. The decision on the name Redskins is based upon interpreting the name of the team as a racial slur. Other teams like the Chiefs, Indians and Seminoles will probably not face the same decision by the Trademark Office.

Federal registration of trademark names is required to protect the trademark names of various sports teams. The trademark office cannot prevent another team or organization from using the Redskins trademark name. The decision by the Trademark Office does not prevent the team from suing anyone that uses their name. Many organization will be upset if they are sued for using the Redskins trademark name. After all if the trademark was canceled anyone should be able to use that trademark. It will most likely be up to a judge to make a decision on this legal issue.

The decision by the trademark office does not keep the Washington Redskins from using the word Redskins. However the decision does insure it will be a long legal battle.

Kobe Bryant Tweets About Donald Sterling

KobeBryantKobe Bryant recently tweeted that he will not play for “him”, which based on information in the news seems to be about Donald Sterling. Conversely, ten (10) years ago, Kobe, as a free agent, had shared that he could see himself playing with the Clippers.

This does not make Kobe a hypocrite because he never signed with the Clippers. It is believed that the issue may have been Sterling as the owner of the team. Kobe may have possibly gained more knowledge about Sterling since that time, although allegations of Sterling’s racism have been around for a while.

Kobe may be saying this now but he may have acted otherwise if the situation was different. This issue is not an easy one and people have to determine if they can work with someone who has different views from theirs.

The Lakers have signed Kobe to a hefty contract and the probability of him being traded to the other Los Angeles team is highly unlikely. Therefore, Kobe is in a good place. His future was a bit uncertain at the time he was a free agent. Therefore, playing with Sterling may not have seemed so bad if there were other benefits.

While Sterling’s earlier comments about race may have been misconstrued, I am sure that Kobe definitely does not uphold these recent alleged comments. I am confident that he would not want to play with Sterling especially since there are no added benefits to doing that.

However, he might be able to get several advantages in joining the Clippers including a better package, high chance of winning and a better location. So should he hold himself back professionally because of Sterling? It surely is not a good thing for Kobe.

Today, LeBron James spoke openly against Sterling; but he considered the Clippers as an option as a free agent. Doc Rivers, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and others are not with the Clippers for similar reasons. These athletes should opt to enhance themselves in this highly competitive sport that has few opportunities.

Presently, Kobe may say that he will not play with Sterling, although ten (10) years ago it may have been one of his options.

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